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What's happening this week...

The babies are 3 weeks and doing great! I am leaving for vacation tomorrow so this is the last of my pictures for a while. Hopefully my mom or my sister sends me some while I'm gone. My parents are staying at our house to take care of the bunnies (and other things) while we are away. Everyone will be well taken care of! The 2 broken blue otters will be up for adoption when I return. I will start with my wait list.

This is a blue otter doe and she will be staying. I am pretty sure she will be named Lilly, but not 100% yet.

This is a broken blue fox doe. She might be named Mouse, not positive on that either! She is a gift for a little girl. :)

This is the broken blue otter buck.

This the broken blue otter doe.

and just because.... Here is a picture of Gamora and one of Gilly.

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