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Congratulations! It's time to take your baby home!

Before you take your baby home you will want to have their new home set-up and ready for them.

Our babies have grown up learning to use a litter box, they will not be perfect at it, but will only get

better with time. In our litter boxes we use horse bedding pellets. We place their hay so they have

to sit in their litter box to eat. Bunnies like to use the bathroom while they eat. We feed our bunnies

Kent Pro Hutch 16 Pellets. I will send a baggie of it home with you, so you can use it for transition.

We use crocks for water bowls. They can easily learn to use a water bottle if you choose to use one. Drinking from a bowl is more natural and they will drink more water. Hay is something they should have always. Rabbits eat a lot of hay! Timothy or orchard grass hay is best.


​We feed our bunnies KENT Pro Hutch 16

 pellets, along with plenty ​of hay and ​fresh water daily. Along with fresh veggies every other day.

We use horse bedding pellets in their litter

boxes. You can get it at Tractor Supply here.
A little goes a long way!

There are so many options for cages. Our bunnies do not live in wire cages. ​The cages have tile flooring,
that is how they learn to use a litter box so well. I prefer not to use the wire ​cage for the floors. Wire cages can cause sore feet. I do not recommend them.  There are pros to using wire, but too many cons override those pros.  Most of mine are really good about using their litter boxes. (Thankfully!) When your baby goes home he/she has already been using and will continue to do so. Most are great about their pee, but some may still poop out of it. Just be patient with them. They will learn.  Our cages are huge, 5'x3'x2' for everyone. I figure they spend a lot of time in them so I want them to love their homes. ​If you would like to see my cages you can view them on the Bunny Housing Tab. They do get play time outside to get a break from their cages as much as possible.

Baby bunnies should only eat pellets and hay, with a few oats as treats until they are 6 months old.
We feed all of our bunnies ¼ cup of pellets, twice a day. Vegetables are the best snacks/treats for them.
Romaine lettuce is a favorite. Never feed them iceberg lettuce. Carrots are good now and then,
but high in sugar so not daily. Mine love romaine lettuce, celery, strawberry tops and more!
Store bought treats are not good for them. Rabbits love to play with things, toilet paper rolls
​and little balls with bells in ​them are fun too. Cardboard boxes and tunnels are great too!

If you thinking of getting your bunny fixed here is a great article! I do recommend it.
If you have questions please just ask, I would love to help you. 

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