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Cages & Playpens

Your bunny is going to spend a lot of time in their cage and playpen. A small cage is not enough! The recommended cage size for a holland lop is a 2'x2' square. How is that big enough? My adult bunnies all have a 5'x3' cage. The cages are made out of wood and wire is used for the doors. The floors are all solid bottoms with linoleum. Everyone is litter trained, when they do have an accident it is super easy to clean up! I have made fleece pads for them lay on too. I mostly use those for babies, but some adults seem to love them. Others... tear them apart. 

They also get to run around in a playpen, either outdoors or inside, depending on the weather. I use dog exercise pens. They work great. You need to make sure they are tall enough that your bunny cannot jump out. You should not leave them unattended in these pens unless you cover the top and put something on the bottom to keep them from digging out.

In each cage is a litter box and a hay box. Everyone has toys and wood blocks to chew on, some have nest boxes. Others have "hidey holes". These are just boxes, made out of wood, they can hide in or sit on the top. 

Bunnies love tunnels, cardboard boxes, ramps, toilet paper rolls...... they love to throw things around too.

I also have some smaller cages, 4x2x2. I use those for weaning babies. They stay in those for a week or two. It gives them time to get used to being away from mom. I like to make sure they are ready for their new homes. 

Just a few pictures of the cages. I made them myself. I took ideas of pinterest and went from there.
​They are not perfect, but I love them and the bunnies seem to love them too!

Indoor Cages

I have made 2 of these indoor cages. They are pretty big, 80.5"x38"x30". The rabbits I made them for are not

jumpers. If they were jumpers, I would have made them taller or put on a roof. They are very basic and very

easy to keep clean. The bunnies love their extra space too! The first three pictures are of Leia's cage. The bottom

picture is one I recently made for my niece's bunny, Mouse. They are both happy in their new homes!


These are my favorite indoor cages. They are costly, but really nice. I made the floors out of plywood

and sticky tiles. I use a medium short pen in my family room, this one is for when babies come inside

and hang out. The floor in this picture is fleece. It has been changed to plywood with tiles too.

Enzo is one of house bunnies, he is my daughters bunny. He lives in a large, tall cage. 

I prefer the tall height for adults so they are less likely to jump out. I like the short one for babies so I can

reach over to pick them up. These cages look so nice in any room! Click on the title for their website.


Exercise Pens

I purchased mine at, they are 36" tall.
​I do have other pens, but these are my favorite. Click on the picture for the link to their site.


Hay Boxes

I have made a few different hay boxes.
I started using these and I love them.



Nest Boxes

I have made a lot of these for my does.
I line the bottom with a puppy pad and 
then cardboard and fill with hay.



​These are my litter boxes. I love how it keeps
them from digging in the poo and they stay clean.



Hidey House

These are hidey houses. The bunnies love them!

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