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Adoption Policy

Bailey Bunny Farm is a small rabbitry located in Colfax, IA. We raise Holland Lop pets. All of our babies are handled daily and are in the process of being litter trained when they go to the forever homes. I do keep a wait list. All of our babies will be adopted out as pets. We will sell to other breeders older bunnies on occasion. Our babies will come with a birth certificate, but not a

pedigree. If you are wanting to breed, please only contact if you're interested in an adult. 

You can be placed on a wait list at any time. 
Once I know gender of our babies,

I will get in touch with those on my wait list, in order. I will message a few people all at

once. You will have 24 hours to respond to my email. I will also send a text letting you know an email has been sent. I am spending too much time waiting on people to respond. Please do not be like

those people. If you do not respond with 24 hours I will remove you from my list.

 The form is at the bottom of this page.

I really do want to provide you with that perfect baby! Please only sign up for my wait list if you

have already discussed it with your family and you for sure want a bunny. I know quit a few sign

up and then when asked they haven't talked to their spouse yet and he/she says no.

All of our bunnies are spoiled and loved. We handle the babies from birth so they are tame.

They have play times and snuggle time! They are usually all using a litter box for pee by the time

they go to their new homes. Poo takes longer, they are not cats, but they can learn!

If you are truly interested in our babies, you will keep in touch with me about pictures posted. Once you are contacted you need to respond and you must put a 50% non-refundable, non-transferable holding fee of $100 to hold the bunny for you. Please use common courtesy and respond.

If you choose NOT to respond with anything after reading my message I will have to move

onto the next person. The non-refundable holding fee will go towards your final fee.

The non-refundable holding fee may be made through Paypal (using friends and family) or Venmo. 


If you are interested in our babies, please submit a wait list form. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a specific time frame. We usually have babies born every 4 weeks, but sometimes things don't work out as planned.

Refunds for holding fees will only be given if the bunny you are adopting becomes sick or if I cancel

the adoption. Refunds will not be given for any other reason. Deposits are non-transferable.

The rest of the payment is due in cash when you pick up your bunny.

Please bring a box or carrier to take your bunny home. 

I will only accept cash, no checks.

If you request a certain color and/or gender I will ONLY contact you if your request is available.
I want to make sure you are getting the best bunny for your family. I need to make sure the babies are healthy and weaning well. The babies stay with me until they are 8 weeks. 

Bailey Bunny Barn is closed to visitors. I will have the bunnies ready and meet you in the driveway, weather permitting. This precaution is to keep all my rabbits safe and healthy.

We reserve the right to cancel or refuse an adoption as we determine necessary. Once a rabbit has left our barn, we do not hold responsibility. Upon pickup please thoroughly look over your rabbit. We cannot guarantee sex, show quality or fertility. Sexing rabbits at a young age can be difficult. Sometimes we tell the wrong sex by mistake. We do check several times and try to be as accurate as possible. But a mistake can happen! No refunds on wrong gender rabbits. There is plenty of information to be found online, please research your rabbit breed.

We do not knowingly adopt any sick rabbits, our rabbits will be healthy to the best of our knowledge
when they leave the bunny barn. We are not responsible for the rabbit's health after it leaves.
Please do not feed fruits or vegetables or treats from a pet store to rabbits under 6 months of age.
We are not responsible for any vet costs after the rabbit has been sold.


If your Bailey Bunny is not working out for your home you may return him/her to our barn up to 7 days. ​After 7 days, we do not accept returns or re-home bunnies if they do not work out. It is not our policy to sell other peoples bunnies. We do not have the cage space to foster. There are many resources that you can use online if you need to find them a new home. 

Your bunny will need time to adjust to his/her surroundings. We play with our babies daily. They are used to being handled and snuggled. Most bunnies are timid as they leave their bunny family and move to a new family. Keep your bunny's area small and quiet for a day or two before having serious playtime. Listen to your bunny, if it doesn't want to be held or touched, sit by the cage or near your bunny with a few oats in your hand. Let your bunny come to you, talk gently to it, and pet it softly. Eventually, your bunny's true personality will emerge, but it could take days or weeks to fully adjust. After a couple days you should begin holding your bunny, ​even if he/she ​is hesitant. Shower your bunny with calm affection and head rubs and a few oat treats while holding firmly but gently. Bunnies are sensitive animals, they will become dependent on you and love you for it.

Enjoy your new baby!

All of my Holland Lops are easy tempered, however, I cannot guarantee that any rabbit purchased will never bite or scratch. Under no circumstances am I responsible for any damage caused by the rabbit to personal property or any personal injury, such as biting or scratching.


If you are interested please fill out and submit this wait list form.

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