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Valkyrie's baby

Things happen when raising bunnies. Unfortunately, the broken magpie didn't make it. The sallander is doing great, I believe it's a boy, but will recheck at 4 weeks. I also took a cute picture of Valkyrie. She is so sweet.

Even if you are on our wait list, please re-read our Adoption Policy. Pricing is listed, along with helpful tips. Our current litters are $125. We spend alot of time with all the babies. They get snuggles nightly and are handled multiple times a day. We want your bunny to be a great pet, the only way that happens is if they are tame and used to human interaction. When it's time to pick up your baby you must be able to drive to our place. We do keep a wait list. If you are interested in our babies please read our Adoption Policy on our website and sign up for our wait list. Bailey Bunny Farm

Questions? Just ask!

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