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Updates on my adults

Today we took new pictures of all our adults. Leia isn't in this group, we will do hers another time. Snickers is pictured here, but she is now retired. I have had a few interested in her, but she is my dirty bunny. She doesn't use a litter box and has a weepy eye. She is very friendly happy girl, even though she looks crabby in pictures! I don't think she would be a good house bunny because of her litter box usage. Sadie is my next oldest, she is 4 and has a litter now. She will be retired after this year and could go to a pet home. She is easy to handle and super clean! The rest are all doing great and producing babies. I do give them little breaks between litters, but they really don't like it. These ladies want to be pregnant and have babies. They are all much happier when they have little ones. The boys are of course happier when it's time for breeding. lol

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