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Update on the little ones!

All of our little babies are doing great. They are now all chasing their momma's around

and so playful. They are getting playtime more often and starting to nibble on pellets.

Bellatrix & Chewy

Their babies are 3 weeks today, all 4 have blue eyes!

Frosty vm, Black vm, BEW, and a Harlequin vm (looks orange, very lightly marked harli)

Hermione & Loki

Their babies are 20 days today. These do not carry the vienna gene.

Black, Broken Blue Tort, Blue Tort, Black, Blue Tort, Blue, Broken Black

Luna & Chewy

Their babies are 18 days old today, all 5 have blue eyes!

Blue eyed white, Black vm, Harlequin vm, Black vm, Blue eyed white

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