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Snickers Update!

Snickers is my very first Holland and what started this craziness years ago! We were at the fair walking through the rabbit barn and there she was asking me to take her home. :) She is my oldest doe. She is now 5.5 years and had her last litter this year. It was a rough time for her and we almost lost her. She was too weak and couldn't take care of her babies, thankfully Sadie could handle it since she had a pretty small litter herself. Snickers was babied and seems in good health. She is now retired and seems pretty happy with her spoiled self! She will remain in the bunny barn. She tends to be a little messier and never took to litter training (she was older when we started with litter boxes and never liked the idea) so she lives in a cage where her droppings fall through. She is super friendly and loves attention! I do not like wire cages at all, I found a grid bottom that fit perfectly in this dog kennel. She is much happier and cleaner. She loves her fleece and gets outside daily.

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