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Holland Lops are one of the harder rabbits to breed. They don't always want to breed and they don't always take. I have been pretty lucky and usually have no problems. I bred 2 does due 10.27 so we would have babies ready for Christmas, well neither took! It is very hard to know if they are pregnant so I usually just wait and see. I kept checking them, feeling around and couldn't feel anything, but I still waited. So both of them have been bred again. It will be a quiet 4 weeks around here with just the 9 babies. I guess I get a little break. I have attempted to breed a few so we might have lots of babies born next month!

I'm sorry if you were on my list and wanted one for Christmas, this is a first for both of the does to miss! Until then you will see lots of pictures of the 9 and hopefully I'll do new pictures of all my adults too.

I am still working on adoptions for these babies. Some people respond quickly, others seem to not care about responding. 3 babies to go!

Please check out our adoption policy before contacting! :)

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