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Saturday Nov 23rd

The babies are growing so quickly! Bella's babies eyes are so close to opening. Soon they will be climbing out of the nest box. She has 2 blue eyed whites, 1 harlequin and I am not for sure on the dark one yet. Valkyrie is now taking care of her babies without my assistance, no more taking them away. She is so sweet and just wants me to love her on all the time. She has a lightly marked tri and possibly a sallander. Amberly is doing a great job with so many babies! She has oranges and possibly creams.

I do have a decent sized wait list at this time. Please remember just because you are #20 doesn't mean you won't get a baby out of the next litters. I just had #26 get a baby out of 7 available. Most people have a specific color/gender they are wanting and will wait to get it. I cannot really give you an estimated time frame for this reason, along with does who miss or babies we might lose. It is common to lose babies at birth and during the weaning process. I do my best to help everyone get through weaning, but it does happen. Usually around 3-4 weeks if it's going to. That is why I do not take deposits until 4-5 weeks. These 13 all look great and are gaining weight just as they should.

Once the babies are 4-5 weeks I will being contacting those on my wait list. You need to respond as soon as your read it. Even if it's just to say you need to talk it over with family, or if you are no longer interested. Everyone on my wait list is waiting and hoping for that message so please be respectful. I do understand if you are busy and need to get back to me, please just let me know. :)

If you are interested in my babies, please read through my adoption policy and fill out the wait list form on my website. Questions? Just ask!

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