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Rehoming Retired Bunnies

I have been asked if I rehome our retired bunnies. As of now we only have 1 that we had to retire. Snickers is our oldest doe, she is friendly, but super messy. I did not try to rehome her because of her bathroom habits. She will live out her days here in the bunny barn. I do see rehoming other bunnies. Sadie will be first. She is clean and easy to handle. She is black with stray silver hairs. I will miss her dearly, but feel her time is coming soon! She is due 4.5 years old. She is due the 27th, so we will decide after this litter what our plan is for her. If you are interested in being on a list for Sadie please just message me. I am still not sure when it will happen, but within the next year.

Please check out our adoption policy before contacting! :)

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