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Pictures of the littles!

Happy New Year from the babies. This was their first photoshoot with individual pictures. They are all so adorable and doing fantastic! I do keep a wait list and I do have a lot of interest in these little ones. If you would like to be on my wait list, please read my adoption policy and sign up using the wait list form.

Hermione's 8 - She is getting a little help from Sadie and Gamora so she only has 5 to feed.

Sadie's 4 - she is also feeding one of Hermione's babies.

Gamora's 1 - her baby is 4-5 younger than Hermione's and Sadie's. Eyes are not open yet, but it runs around with the rest of them! Gamora is also feeding 2 of Hermione's so her baby is not really alone.

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