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Pictures of my Bunnies

I do not have any babies to photograph so I took pictures of all my adults today. I thought I would also tell you a little bit about each one.

These 3 are my larger does. They all produce larger litters than my other does. These 3 are super clean and can all be handled with no problem.

Hermione (Broken Black Tort) is one of my favorites. She is out of Snickers.

Amberly (Orange) is a sweetheart, begs for attention. She is out of Sadie.

Sadie (Silver Tipped Black Steel) is super easy to care for. She is molting in this picture. She is also out Snickers. Sadie is due in less than 2 weeks.

Gamora (Broken Blue) is Hermione's baby. She is due in just 3-4 days so her pictures show her baby bump. She is a tad skittish, but easy to handle (once caught). She usually sits really easy too, but being due in a few days makes her a bit cranky. I took a side view picture of her so you can see her pretty coloring.

Snickers (Broken Black Tort) is my oldest. She is no longer having babies. She was a great mom and I think she really wants babies... Sorry girl! Her last litter almost killed her so she is living in retirement. I would love to find her a pet home, but she is pretty messy and won't litter box train. She seems pretty happy so she will stay with us. I do let her spend time with other babies once they are able to move around. She was always a great foster mom.

Valkyrie (Black Magpie VM) is possbily my absolute favorite right now. She is super sweet, so soft and cuddly. She came to me from a good friend in WV. Lisa's Holland Lops.

Luna (Blue Eyed White) is a pretty friendly doe. She definitely prefers not to be picked up, but loves to be pet. She is also pregnant, but still has a few weeks.

Bellatrix (Black VM) is super shy. She keeps her home very tidy, but would really just like to be fed and given toys. She plays with toys more than anyone. She is also Luna's sister. She is my smallest doe, not quite 2 full pounds.

Draco (Blue Eyed White) is Holly's favorite. He is leash trained too. He wants attention 100% of the time! He does love the ladies and is always ready for a date.

Loki (Blue) is my baby. He likes me best and isn't afraid to let you know. He is my smallest buck at just 2.6 pounds.

Chewy (Harlequin VM - lightly marked) is a fiesty young buck. He isn't mean, just always ready for the ladies, ALWAYS. He has produced a couple great litters!

Thor (Tri VM) is a pretty sweet little guy. He has just come into his hormones and was bred with Sadie. Hopefully it took, but he is pretty young. If not, he will get to try again. Thor also came from Lisa's Holland Lops.

Well, that is everyone! I do love all of them. It is pretty quiet right now without babies, but a whole lot easier to clean! Babies are messier. Soon though we should have some little ones. If you ever have questions, or just want to talk bunnies message me! I do keep a wait list for my litters. You can read about my adoption policy and sign up for my wait list on my website.

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