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Pictures of all!

Today has been a busy day in the Bunny Barn. I took pictures of everyone, even the kittens. First thing I'll say is that my lighting wasn't the best so my blue blanket looks a little crazy. My bunnies were not very cooperative about pictures either, but I thought I'd share them anyways.

First up are are the little babies. They are 9 days old. Eyes will be opening very soon!

These two will be weaning soon. They are almost 6 weeks! Both have homes.

We are keeping these two girls.

Our bucks - Draco was not doing pictures today. This was the best I could get! lol

Our does - Gamora is looking a little "off". She has babies and has pulled so much fur! She kept sitting up tall for pictures and she was too naked. Amberly usually sits up better, but she also has little ones so we will give her a break. Hermione is very pregnant, due in 6 days! I think Valkyrie and Bellatrix are also pregnant, but we will see!

I even took pictures of the 4 kittens today. WOW - they are harder than bunnies! they won't sit still for anything. They kept crying and I had momma asking for them back. I am having a hard time with gender on them. They will be available in about 3 weeks. Not sure if we are keeping one of the first 2, depends on gender.

Please check out our adoption policy before contacting! :)

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