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Picture updates!

These 9 are all adopted and going to their new homes at the end of the week.

These 3 are ours. R2D2 will be living in the bunny barn and hopefully a great producer.

Enzo is living in Macy's (my middle daughter) room and Leia lives in Holly's (my youngest daughter) room. Leia is getting fixed on Friday. Enzo will get fixed when he is old enough.

We do have 3 litters due on June 6th and 2 more June 20th. Our wait list is quite long (70+) right now. I know some people will not want a bunny when it's their time so the list should go a little faster. People either change their minds or have found a bunny elsewhere. If you are interested in our wait list please read the adoption policy and fill out the form on my website. You can find it here: BAILEY BUNNY FARM ADOPTION POLICY

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