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Our youngest babies

Here are our youngest babies. They are so chunky and squishy, both moms are doing great with them! I do keep a wait list and I do follow it. Our babies have become popular. I'm being told it's all in how we take care of them. They are handled daily, snuggled a lot, spoiled, using a litter box, cages are kept clean and the many pictures posted!

The main question I get asked is "How long will I be on the wait list?" That is a tough one for me to answer. A few things to consider are 1) did all my does I bred get pregnant 2) did the babies all survive not only birth, but weaning and the main thing is 3) what do others ahead of you choose. Some people get on the list and then change their minds. Others want a certain color and/or gender and will wait until I have exactly what they have requested. I wish I could always have what everyone wants, but we do not over breed. I also don't know exactly what colors we will have with each litter. I can guess, but it's not always for sure. We raise tame bunnies, that means we have to have time to snuggle them all. Feeding them and petting them once a day does not make them tame. We spend hours with our bunnies daily so they are ready for their new homes when they leave our bunny barn.

If you are considering a bunny from our barn please understand the wait list and how it works. You can read my adoption policy and complete a form here: Bailey Bunny Farm

Questions? Just ask!

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