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No babies yet....

It is so quiet in the bunny barn. I am missing having little ones to take care of!

Gamora is due in about 5 days so babies will be here soon!

Just a few pictures of Thor and Valkyrie. Thor has come into his hormones and doesn't like to sit still. His litter training is doing much better, but he does have to have extra litter boxes for now. Hopefully soon I can take one away! Valkyrie was moved to a bigger cage with 3 litter boxes. She was doing great in the smaller cage, but when I moved her she decided not to use it much. So.. I put 3 boxes in! lol. A few days ago I removed one and she is doing great. Another week and I'll remove the other. She is super sweet and wants my attention all the time. She is really calm and easy going. She doesn't seem to get to excited.

Thor is a little more excitable, but I blame that on his hormones kicking in! Let's hope they are working well since he was bred with Sadie! Time will tell... if not we will try again.

Upcoming Litters

Gamora and Loki due Oct 7th

Sadie and Thor due Oct 17th

Luna and Loki due Oct 21st

I do have a wait list, check out my website for more information.

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