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My List

I just wanted to touch base with everyone about my wait list. I keep the list so I can get you what you are wanting. When I send a message out I need a response of any kind. Examples: 1) Yes, we want that bunny! 2) No, we would like to remain on the list. 3) I'm sorry we found a bunny elsewhere already. 4) I am interested, but need to check with my family about which one.

I really do want to provide you with that perfect baby! Please only sign up for my wait list if you have already discussed it with your family and you for sure want a bunny. I know quit a few sign up and then when asked they haven't talked to their spouse yet and he/she says no.

All of our bunnies are spoiled and loved. We handle the babies from birth so they are tame. They have play times and snuggle time! They are usually all using a litter box for pee by the time they go to their new homes. Poo takes longer, they are not cats, but they can learn!

If you are serious about a Bailey Bunny Farm bunny please read our adoption policy and fill out the wait list form here:

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