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More new babies!

Valkyrie had babies last night. She must have a rough time, 2 were DOA and the 2 are bruised. This is her first litter and she acted a little freaked out. I did pull the babies away for the night. She kept moving them around and they were getting cold. I gave them to her this morning and she fed them right away. I still removed them for the day and will give them back tonight to feed. Hopefully I will safe enough to return them to her for good, but for now I am "shelving" them. This is common. Rabbits only feed once or twice a day so it is not necessary to leave them with the mom. I prefer to, but until I know she will be a good mom I am shelving them. One appears to be a blue eyed white and the other I am not sure, maybe a lightly marked tri. The face of one is bruised and a leg/foot on another. They look much better than they did last night, that is why I didn't post pictures right away.

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