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Kent Show Hutch Deluxe

Also known as Blue Seal Show Hutch Deluxe. My feed is by Kent. They recently bought Blue Seal. I get it in Altoona, IA. A new face book group has been started to bash on Blue Seal. Other breeders are blaming any problems they are having on this feed. They really could be having issues with the feed, but I wanted to share that I am not. I never have, the feed has always smelled great and looked fresh. My rabbits love it and are doing well on it. I have been using it for 2.5 years. Each bag I open I inspect and make sure nothing looks off, I will continue to do that as I would with any type of feed. Don't we all do that before we eat something?

Most feeds go through a spell where people complain and switch feeds. I've heard about it from many different brands. I do believe bad batches are produced now and then, after all we are human. Everyone makes mistakes. I have tried a few different brands myself.

What you feed is up to you! Just putting this out there in case you've been hearing things about Show Hutch Deluxe. I love it and have no intentions of switching!

I did call my local Kent plant today. There had not heard about this problem, nor have they had anyone contact them about problems with this feed. She was concerned about the issues and was going to do some research.

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