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Good morning!

Our littles are starting to open their eyes! Luna's group are all open. I believe I see alot of blue, but they are tiny and just peeking out. It is very hard to tell. It could just be that I want to see blue! lol

Luna has 2 lightly marked vienna harlequins, 2 blue eyed whites and 1 blue vienna marked. This first one looks orange vm, until you see it's side in the 2nd picture. :)

Hermione's babies are a couple days behind Luna's. Eyes will be opening any day!

Hermione has 2 blues (they look funny in these pictures, but they are all blue), 2 broken blacks and 1 black.

If you are interested in our babies, please read our Adoption Policy here:

These are the last babies until the end of June. My does are getting a little break! Thank you for all the interest in our bunnies. We work very hard to make them ready for you! :)

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