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Bunny updates

The 6 older babies all leave tomorrow. Their things are packed and they ready to meet their new families. Hermione's 4 are almost all adopted, waiting to hear on little guy. Our newborns are all eating well, they all have great moms! Here are pictures from today of those 3 litters.

Luna & R2's 3 - looks like 2 blue eyed whites and 1 Harlequin with vienna markings

Sadie & Draco's 5 - broken black, 2 black, 1 broken orange and 1 black tort

Bella & Chewy's 2 - Black tort vienna marked and a harlequin. The harli is healing, just looks kind of gross still. Hopefully hair will fill in and cover that up! I had to post both of these... Look at that fat little belly!

Please check out our adoption policy before contacting! :)

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