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Bunny Barn Updates

Everyone is doing great in the bunny barn. Gamora's babies are now 3 weeks old. They are cute little balls of fluff. All 4 run to greet me. They are all getting their daily snuggles now too. These babies are full pedigreed, no vienna. At 4 weeks I will verify gender and start contacting people on my wait list. Once contacted you will need to put your deposit down to reserve your bunny right away. Here are their 3 weeks pictures!

Luna's babies are now 1 week old. I cleaned out their nest box today too. Loki's is obviously the baby daddy of both these litters. So much blue! These babies are full pedigreed, all are vienna carriers, even if not marked. We will be keeping a blue doe from this litter.

If you are interested in any of our babies and would like on the wait list, please read my adoption policy and fill out the wait list form. Bailey Bunny Farm

And just because I love her so much.... Here are some pictures of Valkyrie! I do believe she is pregnant, due Nov 17th. I could be wrong though! Thor is the baby daddy. Hopefully more magpies and tris soon! Valkyrie is pretty special to me. She is very calm and easy to handle. She loves attention and just hanging out with me.

Valkyrie is not for sale.

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