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Blue Seal Hutch Deluxe 17 Rabbit Feed

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

I have had a lot of people asking about my rabbit feed and where to get it. It is very hard to get in the mid-west for some reason! Stores do not carry it and shipping can be crazy! I try to order when I can get free shipping, but that doesn't always work out. I will not switch feed. Since I've been using it my bunnies all look great, my babies all do wonderful on it too. I have not lost any babies from weaning since I switched to this feed.

When my babies leave I do give a small baggie of feed to help switch them over. Some people still want what I feed, but do not need a 50 pound of it. I have been asked by a few to bag up feed and have it for purchase. I have looked into this and can do 10 pound bags of feed for $10, but you must pick up at my place. No shipping. This should feed your holland lop for about 2 months. If there is interest in this please message, text or email me. I can have it ready for pick up this Sunday.

Amy Bailey


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