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Baby Updates!

Yesterday I cleaned cages, everything was fine. A little later Sadie's cage had blood all over. I checked her over and she seemed fine. A couple hours later I checked on her again, more blood and another baby in her litterbox that she was cleaning! The baby was very cold, barely moving. I brought it inside and warmed it up. It seems to be doing fine this morning. That poor momma had a baby 24 hours later, that is something I haven't had happen before! Hopefully it continues to do well. Sadie is also fostering 2 of Hermione's, so now they both have 6. I thought since she only had 3 she could handle a couple. I gave her the black tort and a broken black. I guess she wanted the numbers to be even! lol The litters were born a day apart, Hermione's were on Saturday, Sadie's on Sunday. I do have the day wrong on Hermione's below, they are 3 days here.

You can tell who is the newest baby in the group, still a little crusty. It weighs a little more than it's siblings.

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