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Baby updates

Our new babies are all doing good. Bella and Amberly are great moms, feeding like they should. Amberly must think her babies are cold, she keeps pulling more fur! I keep taking some out since it's spilling out of her nest box. There are 7 in there, they are not cold. Valkyrie is a first timer and not doing as well as I hoped. I do not leave her babies in with her. She wants to dig around the nest box and I'm afraid she will hurt them. I put them in with her in the mornings and she jumps right in to feed. They are doing great this way. Lots of breeders do this and it's called shelving. It takes the worry away that the moms will hurt them on purpose or by accident.

Bella's are 5 days, looks like 2 blue eyed whites, 1 tort and 1 harlequin.

Valkyrie's are 3 days, one appears to be a tri and the other maybe lilac.

Amberly's are 2 days, not sure yet, but looks like lots of oranges! 4 are broken. (meaning orange and white, spotted as some of you say when you email me)

The other babies have all been adopted. You can read about my adoption policy on my website. Bailey Bunny Farm

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