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3 new litters!

All 3 of our moms that we breed have had their babies. Not all the babies survived, but the ones they have are doing great. I am working on getting Hermione's 4 adopted.

Sadie & Draco had 5, all made it and all look great! We have a broken black, 2 blacks, a black tort and I think a broken orange.

Luna & R2 have 3. (2 didn't make it) One is a harlequin with a nice white vienna mark on it's head, the other 2 might both be blue eyed whites. Time will tell!

Bella & Chewy have 2 (1 didn't make it). Bella had a rough time. The one baby does have a nice cut on it's head, I am putting stuff on it to help it heal. It looks better today than it did last night. She lost a lot of blood, but seems to be doing ok now. Her babies were both well fed this morning. One is a harlequin, the other is a tort with nice white vienna markings.

Please check out our adoption policy before contacting! :)

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