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One still looking...

I have one baby available for reservation. Jess is a very sweet and fluffy girl. You can find her information here Babies Available | Bailey Bunny Farm

I finally got through my waitlist. If you sign up for my list, please be respectful and courteous. I have messaged so many people who read my message, and never respond. I am waiting for responses before moving to far with my list. It is very rude. I send an email and a text. I know people are receiving my messages. I can see once emails are read. It is getting bad to the point where I think about stopping a wait list altogether. It's not hard to respond not interested anymore. I spend days waiting only to be ghosted.

Jess is our last baby until more are due at the end of June.

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1 Comment

Austin Moore
Austin Moore
May 10

Hi is jess available. I live in Oelwein Iowa. My family is holland owners and would love to add jess to our family

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