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Koda Bear

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

I have decided to part with Koda. He is a chocolate holland lop, possible vienna carrier. He has a little of chocolate babies right now with no signs of vienna. I have decided I have too many bucks! He is 8 months old, a proven buck, goes after the ladies. He uses the litterbox for pee, but not as good for poo. He is adorable and easy to handle, but is a skiddish when I go to get him. I took some pictures today, but he wouldn't sit up. Instead he wanted to breed! lol I am asking $125.

I do think if he was neutered he could become a great pet too. In order to be a pet, definitely plan on getting him neutered. He is always ready to breed right now!

If you have any interested in this handsome boy please message or email me!

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