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Well, we have some new babies in the bunny barn! Nala has 6 kittens for her first time. She actually had 8, but 2 were very tiny and didn't make it. Nala isn't a big cat so 6 is a lot for her to take care of, let's hope she does well. She had them under the couch so I moved them to a new safer home. One where the dogs cannot reach. We will NOT be keeping all these kittens! I do know a few people have been asking me about kittens so let's see how they grow. I am not promising anything to anyone at this time.

And here is a gross picture, but this was taken after she had 5 babies. Yes, she has a clean blanket now! I thought she was done and went to bed. I was surprised when I woke up to more babies. She doesn't care about me picking them up or messing with them while she was nursing which I wasn't expecting for her first babies. Nala can be a friendly cat when she wants to be, but she is not all the time. lol

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