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Just some updates

Today I spent the day holding babies. I did not take pictures of everyone, but here are a few. I sat in the bunny barn with my pups, bunnies and Netflix. It was so nice outside, we had the door and all the windows open.

I have been getting a lot of messages asking where you are at on the wait list and if a certain baby is available. All of our babies get reserved at 4 weeks of age, not before. I don't mind telling you what number you are, just know that numbers can be deceiving on the list. I have quite a few people who are waiting for rare colors and will stay on the list until I have them available. Your best chances of a bunny are always no preference on gender or color.

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning the bunny barn and building hay feeders! They are turning out nicely. Makes me want to redo all of mine! Click here for information.

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