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Just a few updates!

Thor and Valkyrie are doing great. Thor has been bred with Sadie so we will see if he was really ready! Valkyrie will get her chance, but needs to wait a little longer. She is super sweet and always wants me to hold her. Neither were into pictures, but I blame the dog! Her big head was right next to them in these pictures and they wanted to check her out.

Loretta is the last of the 16 babies. Everyone else has went to their new homes and from what I hear they are doing great! Loretta is going to my cousin as a wedding present and she will be here for about 1 more week.

We have no new babies at this time. I thought we would have some from Amberly, but things happen so she is getting a chance to recover.

Upcoming Litters (fingers crossed they all took!)

Gamora and Loki due Oct 7th

Sadie and Thor due Oct 17th

Luna and Loki due Oct 21st

I do keep a wait list, if you are interested in my babies please check out my website.

Be sure to read through the Adoption Policy and fill out the wait list form.

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