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It happens...

Breeding bunnies doesn't always work. They have misses, just like we do. They have false pregnancies too. Sadie built a nest really early, pulled fur even. I worried it meant a false pregnancy. Her due date was yesterday and she has done nothing more. She does not feel pregnant. I was hoping! I know many of you were wanting babies, so was I. Luna is due on Monday. I can feel babies in her so hopefully everything goes well!

I did decide to breed a couple this week. Today Amberly and Draco had a date. Things went well so hopefully in 30 days we will have another healthy litter!

Upcoming litters

Luna and Loki due Oct 21st

Bellatrix and Chewy due Nov 13th

Valkyrie and Thor due Nov 16th

Amberly and Draco due Nov 17th

If interested you must get on my wait list! You can read about my adoption policy and fill out the wait list form on my website. Thank you!

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