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Introducing Cruella!

This little girl was adopted on a whim. I saw her picture on a facebook page and decided she needed to be loved on by me. I normally agree with not giving a bunny a bath, but she did need a little cleaning up. I washed her feet and underside as soon as we got home. Thankfully she did pretty good with it. She is a little shy, which is to be expected when first arriving in a new place (and getting a tad wet). This morning I brushed her for a little while, she did great with it. She even did good for her first round of pictures!

Cruella is a White Eared (WE) Black Holland Lop, she is 13 weeks old. She is the only one in my bunny barn who can produce the white ears, but don't start messaging me requesting a WE baby just yet! She is still a baby herself. :)

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