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Happy Mother's Day!

We took pictures again this morning, they are so cute. All bunnies on this post have homes and are not available. I also have good news for those waiting on my list! Bad news for us though. Our trip has been cancelled so instead of waiting for babies until the end of June, we should have babies born early June!

Luna's litter

Hermione's litter

Sadie's 5 plus Gamora's 1

and of course Princess Leia!

Our babies are spoiled and handled daily. We try not to have too many litters at once so we have time to snuggle them all. Our wait list is long at this moment. If you sign up I cannot give you a time frame. It just depends on what we have & what people choose above you on the list. It is all explained on our website, under the Adoption Policy tab. Click here to find it.

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