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Finally home!

We were gone in Florida for 2.5 weeks. We made it home today. I don't have any pictures to post, but wanted to give a few updates.

Hermione and Maple are both pregnant due early next week! Piper and Amberly are due July 8th. I believe Piper is pregnant, but I am not sure about Amberly yet.

My wait list has been updated and downsized! It is very low right now so if you are on it and waiting, you will be able to get a baby very soon! If you are interested in my babies please check out my policy and submit a form to be added to my list. ADOPTION POLICY

Kittens! We have lot of baby kitties. I am going to try to verify gender sometime tomorrow and take pictures. I do have a few people who on a list and I will contact them first with what is available. They are all friendly and using a litter box.

My website is loaded with information about bunnies! Check it out and ask if you have questions. Have a great evening!

(pic is of a baby from 2019)

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