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Day 8

These little ones are all so chunky! All 3 moms are doing great. I split Amberly's 8 up so each doe has 4 babies. Leaving all 8 with Amberly could have been a bad thing, that's a lot of babies for one holland lop. All of my moms are good foster moms, never had a problem with it. I always try to breed a doe who doesn't have big litters with one who does for this reason. Sadie (usually has bigger litters) and Valkyrie (usually has small litters) are both due in 4 days!

Our bunnies are getting so spoiled with their veggies right now! I put in a small garden and filled it with romaine lettuce and parsley. It is growing like crazy, the rabbits are loving it.

You can find our adoption policy here:

Our wait list is long right now. We do have babies due every 4 weeks.

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