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Bunny Updates

Everyone is doing great! My wait list is now reaching 100. I will be glad when I can get some of you your babies! We do have quite a few little ones right now. People sometimes ask about our pricing. Our babies are spoiled with love. We spend hours and hours with each and every one. We spend hours keeping cages clean and giving them the very best to keep them healthy. They are handled multiple times a day. Litter training starts immediately with them. The old saying "you get what you pay for" is very true in this case! I have had people who didn't want to wait or pay our pricing, only to write me asking for help on litter training and taming their baby they got elsewhere for a cheaper price. Those people usually hear "you need to talk to your breeder to see how they raise them". I am not trying to be rude, but part of what you get when adopt from us is also our knowledge of how to handle them.

Amberly & Thor's babies 17 days old

Bella & Chewy's babies 17 days old

Gamora & Loki's baby 17 days old

Sadie & Draco's babies 4 days old

Valkyrie & Thor's babies 3 days old

Please check out our adoption policy before contacting! :)

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