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Baby Updates 02.22.24

We have so many babies in our barn right now! Each afternoon I spend time snuggling each of these little ones. They are pretty good Netflix watchers! If you're interested in our babies please find our policy and wait list form here Adoption Policy | Bailey Bunny Farm

Up first are the ones not available for reservation yet. They will be once they reach 4 weeks and I know gender. Stormi had 6 babies and Maple had 2. I moved the white babies to Maple so she could help out.

Poppy hasn't had much luck with her first litter. We did lose a baby recently. I tried everything I could to save him. This little girl is doing fantastic. She is super friendly due to all the handling to administer medication, I gave her some to keep her healthy. I am not sure she will be available to reserve at 4 weeks. Lucky seemed like a fitting name for her.

Next up is Romeo & Juliet - she is available for reservation and needs a home. She is all white with pretty blue eyes. Romeo is not available. You can find her information here Babies Available | Bailey Bunny Farm

These 4 babies all have homes and will be leaving us this weekend!

None of them are available.

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