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Baby update 09.14.23

I have a few litters to post updates on. I will start with Stormi's babies. She has 3 adorable little ones. One little girl (Cheeto) is needing a home. Both boys are adopted. You can find her information here:

Valkyrie's babies are almost ready for the new homes. Raven (formerly Selena) will be staying with us. Valkyrie is being retired and goes to her retirement home this weekend. Taylor has a home lined up.

These two are staying with us. Galaxy sat up great for her pictures, but Rocket wasn't feeling it today.

And our last litter is Piper's. I did post an update about them yesterday, but thought I'd share a new picture from today. If you are interested in our wait list, you can find more information on our website. Adoption Policy | Bailey Bunny Farm

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