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4 weeks already!

These babies will all be 4 weeks on Tuesday. I will start with my wait list at that time. My list is extremely long. I am sorry if I do not get to you at this time. We will have more babies born at the end of June. Our does are getting a little break.

The little blue eyed white buck had some kind of injury and only has 1 eye. I am not sure what happened. He had an eye and one day it was sealed shut. I attempted to treat it, but the eye is no longer there (from what I can tell). He doesn't even act like it bothers him. Pink frames are does, blues frames are bucks.

Moana and Enzo have homes. Moana is staying here in the bunny barn. From the start of my bunnies I have wanted a blue vienna marked with blue eyes. We finally have one! I am hoping to produce more in the future. Enzo is now Macy's (middle daughter), spoiled room bunny. She's been waiting a long time to get his coloring, how could I tell her no?

Bailey Bunny Farm Adoption Policy can be found here:

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