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Everyone is doing great!

It's so nice to have baby bunnies in the barn again. Gamora's 4 are now running around the cage. They are so cute and friendly. 19 days old! I have tried to determine gender and have guesses, but will wait a little longer to be sure. These are Loki's babies, full pedigreed, no vienna gene.

Loki is also the dad of Luna's babies. They are full pedigreed, all are vienna carriers. They are growing quickly too! 2 are Black VM, 3 are Blue. I am not sure on the vienna markings yet. Hopefully blue eyes, but no promises on that. The do all carrier the vienna gene even if we can't see it. No clue on gender and won't even try to figure it out yet. :)

Interested in my bunnies? Check out my adoption policy and fill out my wait list form!

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